Struggling with the complexity of building a cloud solution?

07.28.20 02:00 PM By Marketing

Are you struggling with the complexity and cost of building a more flexible, secure and robust solution for your staff both at home and in the office? You’ve looked at cloud options, but are they right for your business? Which systems in your business belong in the Cloud and which do not? Which providers should you invest in and how do you make the transition?


RedLine Cloud Solutions can help answer these questions, assess which cloud services are right for your business and then get you in front of the most suitable suppliers for your needs. We can discuss implementation as well as the long-term benefits and costs, so you can decide what is the best option to bring you a brighter future with decreased complexity and CAPEX spend.

Cloud Solutions

“Small and medium businesses find it 40% more cost-effective to employ third-party cloud platforms than maintaining an in-house system.”In addition, “within the first few months of adopting cloud computing, 80% of companies report improvements in operation.”  With immediate savings and quick operational improvements, the switch to cloud is a no-brainer. RedLine Cloud Solutions is here to provide the assessment and support for you, making the transition as fast and seamless as possible.

From discovery to full deployment, our team works to understand your goals and guide you through to the best cloud partners and most suitable options. We're with you every step of the way. To learn more about cloud services or discuss your specific needs so we can get you into a conversation with the most suitable cloud partner for your organization, contact or call 888-801-2039.




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